In order to accomplish our mission of uniting and strengthening the US fan base, we have decided that developing local chapters would be an effective strategy. As any fan knows, a game at the Home Depot Center in LA poses very different challenges than does a game at Giants Stadium near New York City. Membership and Chapters in American Outlaws are a way to unite with other US fans from your area, and to make things happen the way they need to, specific to your situation.

Chapter Criteria
1) A minimum of 25 paid American Outlaw Members
2) Have a “home base” bar, where fans can expect to meet to watch each game
3) Host a viewing party at said bar for EVERY GAME.
4) Complete the AO Chapter “Registration” and by-laws, which will be mailed to you after a vetting period of leaders and bar.

5) There may be a waiting period, before actually admission of chapter.
6) Inform national AO of new members as they sign up

Chapter Benefits
1) Chapter awarded free banner from national organization
2) Chapter receives discounts on merchandise and has the license to sell AO branded merchandise.
3) Can have specific Chapter Merchandise (But must be approved and purchased through AO national)
4) Chapter can participate in national promotions, get  free promotional swag or other applicable promotional items from AO national
5) Chapter bars and events receive national recognition to all U.S. fans and AO members nationwide
6) Chapter bars can receive promotional items to help bring in new fans

7) Chapters also receive chapter dues from local memberships from AO National to help fund local initiatives