Want to Start a Chapter?

Thanks for your interest in starting a chapter of American Outlaws!  Before you do…

1.  Make sure your city doesn’t already have a chapter – http://www.theamericanoutlaws.com/chapters

2.  See eligibility for becoming official here: http://www.theamericanoutlaws.com/chapters/information

So what steps can you take to build a group of fans to become an AO Official Chapter in your town?

Find the right bar:

Find a local bar that is willing to host US fans and show US Soccer games, with sound, every time there is a game.  Don’t just look for the most convenient bar, although location is important.  Find a bar that is willing to partner with you, and hopefully build it into a Soccer Bar together.  The right bar owner/manager has proven to be more important than the right location in most cases.

Start spreading the word and telling other fans that you know to come watch the games at that bar.  Promote the bar, and a good bar will help promote your viewing parties.

How do you find other local US fans and how do you spread the word?

Use your personal social networks (facebook, twitter, Google+) to communicate with local leagues, clubs, professional teams and soccer groups in your area (make sure to include that you are “unofficial”).  Talk to local newspapers and blogs.  Start a Little Feet Project to help get coverage.  Request flyers from us, so that you can promote.  Ask the bar to help advertise your events!

Once you get some people attending, then ask each person to invite 1 of their friends to experience the passion of watching a US Game with fellow US fans, which is much better than watching at home.

FREE BEER!  No, I’m not giving you free beer, but inviting some of
your friends that aren’t soccer fans to watch a game by buying them a
beer is a great way to introduce them and make them new soccer fans.  Check out


Signing People up as Members:

Once you get people to attend your bar and events, you still need 25 members to qualify.  There are a ton of benefits of being a member, so this is typically not a difficult step (see here – http://www.theamericanoutlaws.com/membership)

The best way to sign people up is to have a computer or iPad available at the bar with the webpage ready.  Maybe create a Free Beer incentive if they do (this can be negotiated with the bar).

Or provide them with a flyer before they leave so they can register online later that night.  (You can request these flyers here – http://www.theamericanoutlaws.com/storesecret/2718)


Once you get 25 members, then we will be in contact.  *You are unofficial till we declare you as official.

Thanks! and Good Luck!

Our goal is to have a chapter to unite fans in every city across the country, and to build a strong community.

Contact Brian with any questions: brian@theamericanoutlaws.com