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Little Feet & American Outlaws

Little Feet has created Operation Home Field in partnership with American Outlaws.

We are so excited to work with Little Feet and to see what good AO can create from our nation-wide community!

The Operation Headquarters is online here:

This operation has just begun.

What you can do right now is…

Purchase an AO/Little Feet Ball:

American Outlaws & Little Feet Soccer Ball

When you buy this Ball:

You receive 1 ball and another ball is donated to Little Feet and the American Outlaws Stockpile to be given to underprivileged kids in the United States. *or can be given to AO Chapter Little Feet Projects (so make sure you contact us to set up your Chapter’s Little Feet Charity Project!)


AO Chapter Operations:

*email with your order number, if you want your donated ball to go to a specific AO Chapter Operation.


They are good quality balls made for us by Little Feet!

* The ball contains a tribute to a non-forgotten US Fan – Dave “Uncle Dave” Gonzalez around the ball air-hole.

Actual Ball Pics to come soon!

Size: 5

Price: $30.00 + Shipping

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Little Feet Army is a program of the Little Feet Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible. Tax ID# 26-0253261.


What you and your chapter can do right now is…

1.  Talk to your chapter leaders, fellow chapter members, fellow members in your city (or if you can’t find anyone to help, you can create your own) and find a local cause or project in your city that would benefit from Little Feet and donated Little Feet Balls.
* Project must further their mission.

Little Feet Mission: Little Feet is a soccer brand operating on a one for one model; for every ball you buy, we will donate an additional one to a child in need.

2.  Once you have your local mission/project/operation figured out and set your Goal number of balls needed to achieve this project, email Brian Hexsel the AO Operation Leader (along with Justin Brunken).

Email the info below:


Chapter Name: ­­­­_______________

Email: _____________________

Date of Planned Donation: __________________

Briefly Describe your planned Operation (where you would like to distribute balls and the kids who will reveive them):


Each Platoon/Chapter leader is responsible for all fund-raising and executing the planned donation of balls. Upon being accepted to lead your own platoon/chapter, you will receive a guide on how to successfully fund-raise and reach your goal.

For every $25 donation, 1 ball gets donated to yoru project and another to the AO stockpile to help with local projects and bigger national projects.

See the below flyer for more details -

As you can see we will be having an American Outlaws/Little Feet Soccer ball made!  This ball will be on sale through American Outlaws.

Evertime you purchase this ball, you will receive that ball to do what you wish, and one will be donated to the AO Stockpile to help with projects across the country.

This is how you and American Outlaws can give back to kids in need in America!  Lets see what WE CAN DO!

Any Questions please email Brian at


What a great and simple organization to help underprivileged kids here in the US, your home town, or abroad.

Little Feet is an organization that is helping children who other wise wouldn’t have the means to get a good soccer ball to use.  So for every ball you buy, Little Feet donates a ball to a child.  They also help build soccer fields!

Little Feet then created custom programs for AO members and our Chapters!

How can you or your chapter get involved?

See below!

* Lets do some good with the AO community we have!

Download the PDF file here:  AO and LF flyer