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AO 2012 – A Year in Review!

Another year has passed. Another set of peaks and valleys have befallen for the American US Soccer fan.  We have had mediocrity, utter joy, sheer anguish, and downright confusion about the status of our team over the past 12 months.  Starting off the calendar year with 4 straight wins, including a 5-1 throttling of Scotland, the U.S. were quickly brought back down to earth by Brazil losing 4-1 in Landover.  Then, trailing 1-0 to Guatemala in Kansas City in the 5th minute, the U.S. we’re 85 minutes away from not qualifying for the World Cup.  Can you imagine?  Contemplate it really quick…. On second thought, don’t.  The point is, we have qualified for the Hex and all signs are that we should finish within the top 3 (or 4 if needed) and travel to Brazil in 2014.  The catastrophe that we called our “Olympic Qualifying Campaign” will not escape many of us momentarily.  The U-23s beat our foe to the south, Mexico 2-0 (who eventually claimed Olympic Gold) merely weeks before we were knocked out by El Salvador.  Cruel.  However, the USMNT posting a 9-2-3 record (matching best ever winning percentage of .75), there is light ahead.  Three massive away results, albeit friendlies, will give a huge confidence boost to Jurgen Klinsmann in 2013.  Italy and Mexico were beaten by the Yanks in their respective home stadiums for the first time.  It is very encouraging for the federation and the fans.


Here’s a list of all the USMNT results with the goal-scorers and the video of the goal (Enjoy!):
1/21 – US v Venzuela            1-0 W      (Clark) (

1/25 – US v Panama              1-0 W      (Zusi) (–wnHcGtMlY)

2/29 – US v Italy                     1-0 W      (Dempsey) (

5/26 – US v Scotland             5-1 W      (Donovan (3), Bradley, Jones)

( Donovan -1

( Donovan – 2

( Donovan – 3

( Bradley

( Jones

5/30 – US v Brazil                    4-1 L         (Gomez) (

6/3 – US v Canada                  0-0 D

6/8 – US v Antigua                 3-1 W      (Bocanegra, Dempsey, Gomez)

( Bocanegra

( Dempsey

( Gomez

6/12 – US v Guatemala        1-1 D        (Dempsey) (

8/15 – US v Mexico                1-0 W      (Orozco) (

9/7 – US v Jamaica                 2-1 L         (Dempsey) (

9/11 – US v Jamaica              1-0 W      (Gomez) (

10/12 – US v Antigua            2-1 W      (Johnson (2))



10/16 – US v Guatemala      3-1 W      (Bocanegra, Dempsey(2))




11/14 – US v Russia               2-2 D        (Bradley, Diskerud)




Looking at the names of the goal-scorers above, it might be alarming that very few new names have been involved among the goals this past year.  No goals in seven games from Altidore in 2012.  The U.S. will need to get some more youngsters in the mix given the amount of big games in 2013.  Obviously, Clint Dempsey was the man in 2012 for the Yanks.  Not only scoring 7 goals but setting up numerous more and creating the most chances for the U.S.  Our backline has looked suspect on more than one occasion.  Klinsmann has yet to find a consistent 4, especially at the center back position.  Carlos Bocanegra is 33, and will be 35 in Brazil.  Can he keep the pace?  We shall see.  Michael Bradley has been the commander in the middle.  He is a true big-game player.  And Howard is a beast and has proven with him between the posts, the yanks will always have shot at winning any game!


The USWNT took back their title as the best Womens team in the world, winning the Olympics in London. They finished the year with a record of 28-1-3 with Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach and others scoring at will, it seemed at times.


Outside of the team, the support has been fantastic and is ever-growing.  The supporters’ section is getting louder and more uniform every game.  The true home field advantage that we all aim to create has been very evident on several occasions.  From Jax to Tampa, from Glendale to KC and Columbus, the support has been growing exponentially.  Let’s keep the momentum going into qualifying.


AO turned 5 years old, September 9th, 2012.  We all have accomplished so much in that time, with so much more to do.  In 2012, AO has gone from 70 to 78 official chapters, with several more in the works.  We hope to have 100 official chapters by the World Cup.  This is a true testament to you, the members who work continuously to grow this game.


All of us have met so many new friends and fans of our One Big Soccer Dysfunctional Family at the games and AO Events.  Can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet more in 2013!  #AOFamily


AO End of Year Podcast:

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What was your favorite moment of 2012?

Thank YOU, each one of you.

Love & hugs & kisses & smooches & backrubs.  See you in 2013.