February 11th, 2013 || Posted in Events World Cup Qualifying

Rumors about USMNT home qualifying Venues

I know everyone keeps asking where all the games are going to be played and rumors keep popping up, slowing putting together where these games may be played.

Gulati has been saying all along that all games will be played in MLS stadiums with 4 in soccer specific stadiums.

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June 11th (vs. Panama) is being rumored to be in Seattle


June 18th (vs. Honduras) is being rumored to be in Salt Lake City


September 10th (vs. Mexico) is rumored to be in Columbus


October 11th (vs. Jamaica) is most likely then in Kansas City

Everyone has agreed that KC will be getting another qualifier this round.  As well as they should.

No matter the cities, AO will be there and we hope to see you there, because every game matters.