January 30th, 2013 || Posted in Events

US & Canada ends 0-0

USA – 0, Canada – 0

It was one of the more disappointing and lackluster January Camp games the US team has had.

No one player really took charge or impressed when Klinsmann was really looking to bring on a few more players to the team that will be facing Honduras in about a week.

If Klinsmann keeps his promise to bring in some players from this team, who do you think it will be?

See the Highlights of the game below:

Love it!


There really isn’t much to say about the game on the field, but as for the fans…

At least the U.S. fans put on a good show.  Thanks to all the AO who showed up and were loud throughout a game where there wasn’t a ton to cheer about.


Thanks to AO Houston for all their help!




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