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AO US Soccer Talking Points 1/5/13

AO Talking Points

Jan. Camp Roster

The USMNT’s fearless leader, Jurgen, will be announcing the January training camp roster tomorrow, Sunday, at 1 pm ET.  There’s sure to be some new faces, right?

Who do you want to see?

Here is The Shin Guardians “Maybes”:  http://theshinguardian.com/2013/01/02/outstanding-camp-cupcake-invites-whos-maybe-hdc-bound/

Where’s the first home qualifier?

As you know, USSF still hasn’t announced the upcoming home qualifier on March 22nd.  Why the delay?  We all need UNITE and know what we need to do for events and travel, right!?

Where is it going to be?  We have heard rumors of KC, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

Here is Soccer By Ives take on the delay: http://www.soccerbyives.net/2013/01/usmnt-daily-update-still-waiting-for-home-hex-venues.html

Sepp.  Is he crazy or a crazy diabolical genius?

You may have heard now what Sepp said about the lack of America’s success with soccer.  We all know that their is success in America with soccer every day.  We see it with AO in 78 cities and at every US game.  It is growing!

Here’s a good article about it from Grantland: http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8803609/sepp-blatter-criticizes-mls

USSF is turning 100:

U.S. Soccer has been around for 100 years this year and is having a Centennial Celebration this summer.

Read about their announcement here:  http://www.ussoccer.com/News/Centennial/01/Centennial-Celebration-Underway.aspx

Stay tuned for AO events around it as well.

We also heard that they will be releasing a special edition US Centennial Jersey, the first Friday in March.  AO will be working with WorldSoccerShop.com and offering a free AO patch on those jerseys that weekend!

Thanks to WorldSoccerShop.com for providing all AO members with a 10% discount on all orders.  http://www.theamericanoutlaws.com/uncategorized/10-worldsoccershop-com-ao-member-discount


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