September 13th, 2013 || Posted in Uncategorized

What We Believe In

When we started the American Outlaws in 2007, we started with two words: “unite and strengthen”. We launched this group with that slogan as the foundation for every single decision we would make as the leadership and for our members. Since then we’ve grown to almost 100 chapters, while following this team to every game they’ve played, including a World Cup, with another on the horizon. The result in Columbus was fantastic. The support in Columbus was amazing and beyond anything we could’ve ever imagined. Our boys are going to Brazil and we’ll be there for them.

In the days following the game we’ve heard from members and non-members of inappropriate comments directed at fellow U.S. fans and visiting fans alike. Specifically, we’ve gotten numerous reports of USA fans verbally abusing and even threatening our fellow AO Seattle members and shouting racial taunts at Mexico fans.

These acts are unequivocally wrong, completely inappropriate, and violate our American Outlaws “Code of Conduct”. More importantly these actions go against the idea to “unite and strengthen” American soccer support. Any members who run afoul of these rules will see their membership subject to termination upon review.

In the midst of preparing all of the aspects of a game as big as this we had a member step up and offer help with the in-stadium organization, all while under the direction of AO National. Any displeasure with the way things were run in Columbus should be directed at AO National, not any individual from Seattle or AO Seattle members.

Our rivalry with Mexico is intense and sometimes passions get the best of people but that should never lead to racist taunts and slurs. This is something we not just in AO but in the entire US Soccer community need to address and squash as we continue to grow as a national fanbase and movement.

No supporters group is perfect and as we continue to expand as an organization, like any other, there are growing pains that we have to deal with to improve the experience for our members. We apologize to anyone who did not have the best experience possible. We hold ourselves to a high standard, which we hope to live up to with each and every game, no matter the size.

American Outlaws aspires to always hold ourselves and our members to “acting above” and preserving the ideals of “unite and strengthen” at each and every event and game we attend.

Thanks, AO