The American Outlaws World Cup Travel Package to Brazil in 2014!


Frequently Asked Questions of the AO World Cup Package and Travels:



Events In Brazil:

1. We are working on our Pre-Game event locations and details.  Stay Tuned!

2. We are also working on Night Before parties in each of the U.S. game cities.

3.  There will also be a big viewing party for the USA vs. Portugal game in Natal for all those unable to attend the game in Manuas.  Details coming soon!


AOMain World Cup Package Details

* The package does not include the Game Tickets.


AO World Cup Package Sold Out, Waiting List Available

We have sold the World Cup Package. We will not be adding to the package, HOWEVER, we are taking names on a waiting list (below). There are sure to be dropouts, so the sooner you sign up, the better.

We will be notifying you in order of sign up if a spot opens up. You will then have a limited time to make the down payment and reserve your spot.

If you have any questions email us at

We have also created a LAND ONLY Package for those that couldn’t make it onto our Main Package:

See details below.  We will be notifying those on the waiting list of this package or you can sign up directly at - LAND ONLY PACKAGE SIGNUP

AO Land Only World Cup Package Flyer

Sign up on the Waiting List below. 

Fill out the below form:


AO has secured 2 of our very own AO Charter Planes for the first time, to the first limited number of members to sign up for the package! Don’t worry – It isn’t a small plane either… (ex. Boeing 767)


- We can lock down pricing, control departure and arrival locations, determine what food is served, Drinks and will be with fellow members and only US Soccer fans on the flight over! We can be creative and Unite & Strengthen flying to Brazil.

  • Those AO members who were on our last World Cup travel package will have priority sign up, and a special deal to receive $50 off each person they sign up for the package!  The way we say THANKS for trusting and joining us in 2010.
  • There will also be an early bird incentive, so don’t delay and miss out.
  • The more people we get signed up early, the cheaper it can get!


Some thoughts:
-Package is for AO members only.  We are unlikely to be able to offer game tickets as part of the package, although it may happen. Having been to two World Cups, I would advise you to not worry about whether you will get game tickets. If you want to get into the US games, you almost always can find a ticket for face value.

-The price will seem high at first, but figure in breakfast every day and that Brazil will double or triple their flight and hotel costs (like they did in South Africa).  Our flight is flexible, so we can fly to the smaller Brazil cities (should we get drawn there) for the same price

-Onsite support is someone who is from the area who can help you with anything you want to do.  For instance, in South Africa, she booked us a car rental and a hotel for a road trip that we wanted to go on last minute. She also helped a member who lost his passport.

-Personal favorite part is the stress free gameday transport.  I don’t like to worry on gamedays about directions, where to park, driving drunk, where is the pre-game party, etc.  With our package, you wake up and hop on the bus, and it is all taken care of.

-If you want to stay beyond the group stage, we can help you with that, but it will be beyond the package fees.