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American Outlaws

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We can do better. We’ve said as much before.

Any single instance of discrimination, racism, sexism, or homophobia is one too many.

The American Outlaws is committed to aggressively enforcing our “Act Above - Code of Conduct”, holding members accountable, leading fan culture, and continuously working to remove destructive elements from our sport and society as a whole.

We must do everything we can within our organization, in conjunction with U.S. Soccer, to prevent and address these issues so that our events and supporter sections remain a sought-after destination for American soccer fans. We can be the same voice of passionate positivity for inclusion and tolerance as we are for our national teams.

Only then can we truly “unite and strengthen”.


Addressing these issues is a continuous process of self-policing, building a passionate yet, positive culture around American soccer, pro-active monitoring and intervention at any AO event, and a system of accountability for when someone violates our “Act Above - Code of Conduct”.

Today, moving forward, we’re announcing “AO Watch”, a series of measures to ensure the American Outlaws continues to build the world’s most inclusive supporters group. A group free of discrimination, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Active Monitoring

  • AO Watch Team (at National events)
    • Designated National and Local leaders who are visible and able to assist members and guests with questions, comments, and concerns
    • If issues arise our AO Watch Team can intervene or get additional assistance
    • Any violations of the the AO Code of Conduct at AO National events are subject to immediate removal of members and non-members by AO Watch or local security (if needed)
  • Coordination with U.S. Soccer and local event officials to ensure in-stadium safety and security

    • Sanction and/or ejection of individuals if necessary
    • Denial of future ticket purchases by U.S. Soccer

Reporting Tools for National or Local Events

AO Watch Information Publication Locations

    • All AO ticketing pages
    • Physically mailed to AO ticket buyers
    • Emailed to all AO ticket buyers with Event emails
    • Flyers provided to all official AO chapters
    • Permanent presence on (link on front page of site)

Chapter Advisory Council

    • Chapter leaders appointed to serve as regional liaisons to advise AO National.
    • AO National provides regular updates on various issues, including AO Watch, for liaisons to communicate to local chapters and members

In-Stadium/Event Council

    • Group to help brainstorm, suggest, create, and plan chants, tifo, and other stadiums displays for AO events and in-stadium to enhance the in-game experience
    • Advise AO National on best practices for safety and security inside and out of stadiums at U.S. Soccer matches

AO Watch Process

    1. Complaint is submitted *
      1. Chapter Level
      2. National Level
    2. Review/Investigation by AO Watch Board

      1. Submission/gathering of evidence
      2. Interviewing of parties and witnesses involved
      3. National and local chapter leaders involved
    3. Hearing and Presentation of Investigation

      1. Due Process
    4. Determination of Action

    * NOTE: If you believe a crime has occurred please contact the local authorities.
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