Another Chance to “Act Above”

"Unite Together"

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American Outlaws

National Headquarters

Today many in our #AOFamily will gather in Frisco, Texas to cheer on our boys as they make their final preparations before a busy summer of Copa America Centenario action.

We will cheer loud and will be give our all to support our team on the field.

We will NOT, however, chant “puto”.

We are not perfect. It has been said before from our sections. It may be heard in isolated incidents in the future. But, we always seek to improve, and we can always do better to build the most inclusive supporters group in the world.

Today we make a stand.

We know the efforts being made in Frisco by our local chapter, AO: Dallas, and our friends in the Dallas Beer Guardians and elsewhere across the nation. They have been working hard to remove this chant from their section as well and we join them in that effort.

There, and everywhere we follow, American Outlaws are about inclusion and passionate positivity in support of our national teams. This chant represents neither.

The chant is juvenile, unoriginal, offensive, and, most significantly, homophobic. It is a direct violation of our “Act Above” Code of Conduct and both the United States Soccer Federation and FIFA can (and in the latter’s case) and will levy fines for its use. Those fines could be directed towards AO.

If you disagree with this and no long want to be a part of our section please contact us and we’ll gladly have U.S. Soccer refund your tickets.

If you feel compelled to use it during games then U.S. Soccer reserves the right to remove your from our section.

We hope you’ll join us in positive support of our national teams; now and forever.



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