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American Outlaws

National Headquarters

Take your talents to the virtual pitch

Both teams can have up to 22 players. Questions? Email

How to join:


1. Send a PSN friend request to Antonio Borjon at PSN AO_IE-52-89 or AOIE_Proclubs.

2. Go to Pro Clubs.

3. Create a player (if you haven’t already)

4. Select Join A Club.

5. Friends’ Clubs tab > select “AmericanOutlaws.”

6. Select Request Transfer.

Xbox One

1. Add Donald Wine (Blazindw) and/or Johnny Molina (USsoccerJM7).

2. Create a player (if you haven’t already).

3. Club tab > Join a Club.

4. Friends’ Club tab > select “AmericanOutlaws.”

5. Select Transfer Request. NOTE: Do not request a transfer before completing the friend request – otherwise, you’ll need to delete the request and restart everything.

And don’t forget to join our Discord channel to discuss fixtures and game strategy with your teammates.

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