TICKETS: USWNT vs. Brazil (Seattle)

USWNT vs. Brazil

Victory Tour

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American Outlaws

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USWNT vs. Brazil

Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Location: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, WA

Time: 7:00pm PT

Price: $44.00 (member) / $47.00 (non-member)

General Admission: Yes


The United States women’s national team continues their celebration of their Women’s World Cup Final victory with a stop in Seattle, WA.


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Frequently Asked Questions

“When will I receive my tickets for the match?”

Tickets are no longer mailed out by American Outlaws. You will download and print your tickets from the new U.S. Soccer ticketing system.

“How many tickets can I purchase at once?”

A total of FOUR tickets (any combination of member and/or non-member tickets)

“I want to purchase more than four tickets. How do I do that?”

Order again.

“Will my tickets be together?”

Any purchase made together in non-General Admission stadiums will be together. Many sections are General Admission (unless otherwise noted) so if you can find enough space or ask nicely; yes.

“Is the section General Admission?”


“I am a member. Can I purchase member tickets for non-members?”

Yes. As long as you choose the non-member option for them. The member ticket discount is done out of fairness to AO members. The non-member price is one of the only ways we fund our events so when you chose “member” for non-members you’re making our events more expensive to host.

“I am a non-member. Can I purchase tickets?”

Yes. Choose the non-member option (we check). But, better yet, join the American Outlaws!

“I’ve bought my tickets. What events are going on for the match?”

We’re always working on creating the best events for our members and guests. Always check out our Events page for the established and evolving details.

“How can I make sure I always get the most up-to-date information about AO tickets?”

By becoming a member, of course! Members always get earliest news and the earliest chances to purchase AO section tickets for USMNT and USWNT matches.

These are for the supporters section, which is all singing, all standing, all passion.


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PLEASE check and make sure your address and email address are correct before ordering.

These are for tickets to the USWNT in Seattle, WA. These tickets are in the supporter section.

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All sales are final.

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