Introducing the 2016 AO Membership Shirt

Introducing the 2016 AO Membership Shirt

"This Land Is Our Land"

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In the 1940s Woody Guthrie wrote and then recorded one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century, “This Land Is Your Land”. The song was not only a celebration of the spacious beauty and total wonderment that is the United States of America, but also a message of inclusion.

It is in the spirit of this tune that we release our 2016 American Outlaws membership shirt. Our national teams represent this great country and we; a welcoming, diverse and passionate set of supporters are behind them wherever they travel “From California to the New York Island; From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters,” and beyond.

For 90 minutes, the supporters’ section is our land. It is where, with passionate positivity, we support our national teams. It is where we display our tifo, our scarves, our chants and our colors.

This is not only our land, but this land is also your land.

Every year our membership shirt presents our message to the soccer world. Last year we returned to our roots with “Unite and Strengthen,” our core motto since the founding of AO in 2007. In 2016 we wanted to expand on these ideals to go beyond those two words: to reach out, to grow American soccer support, to include more people than ever before.

Our goal as an organization is to welcome anyone and everyone into the #AOFamily, swelling our ranks and maximizing our support.

On the eve of 2016 the American Outlaws can claim over 32,000 members in 185 chapters from sea to shinning sea and abroad. Our ranks include those from all walks of life that come together behind the goal to fuel our national teams.

The year ahead brings Copa America and continued World Cup qualifying for the men and defending Olympic gold for the women, so the more the merrier!

And like Guthrie wrote about this great nation, the American Outlaws are “made for you and me”.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a member. How can I sign up?

Get on it! Join the American Outlaws on our website.

Can I sign up for an AO membership today and get the 2016 shirt?

No. It is still 2015. All membership orders (except gift memberships) before Dec. 31 will still get the 2015 member shirt. If you’d like the 2016 shirt please wait until January 1st to sign up.

I am an AO member who signed up online. When will I receive my 2016 shirt?

If you’re a current member and your membership is set for auto-renew (you can check this by looking under “subscriptions” in PayPal) you will receive your 2016 membership shirt a couple days after your renewal date. You will get an email indicating your membership renewal at the beginning of the month in which your membership is up.

I am an AO member who signed up at an event. When will I receive my 2016 shirt?

If you signed up for AO at an event your membership is NOT set for auto-renew and will cancel after one year. To check your membership expiration date, e-mail You can re-sign up on our website.

Can I give the gift of an AO membership?

Of course! You’re so kind! Give the gift of an AO membership. Orders must be placed by December 16th to receive for the holidays.

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