Kicking the Gates

a storytelling project about girl's and women's soccer around the world.

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Kicking the Gates is a storytelling project, a video series now under development about girl’s and women’s soccer around the world.

A project by a partner of ours that helps tell our story via video, now wants to partner with us and others to tell a story about the girls and womens soccer here and around the world.

Watch the trailer here:

Kicking the Gates from The New Black on Vimeo.

From The New BLK:

Different episodes will explore different themes, characters, cultures, and individual stories of girls and women who are helping to grow the game. It’s about the players, naturally, at all levels – from national teams and professionals leagues to the fields and streets where girls and women of every age play the game. But, it’s also about the fans, media, sponsors, and others who are supporting and fueling the growth. The American Outlaws are already playing a vital role in this story, as one of the largest and most organized fan groups anywhere. We’d like to give a big thank you to all the AOs - you’ve been great partners. You’ll probably recognize a couple of shots and maybe some of the faces we included in this first video.

This first video is the series trailer, painting the vision and setting the stage to get the project off the ground. We are exploring a variety of options for the series – from web-based to streaming to broadcast.

If you like the idea and want to pitch in your support, we ask the following:

- Watch the video

- If you like what you see, share it on Facebook and Twitter

- Join the mailing list, so we can keep you in the loop as the series develops

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