World Cup Group Game #3


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American Outlaws

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What: USMNT vs. Germany
Where: Arena Pernambuco; Recife, Brazil
TV: 11:00 a.m. CST on ESPN, WatchESPN, Univision

Watch at your local AO bar!

It all comes down to this.

There are many ways we can get through and a few ways we can’t.

Let’s not worry about the ways we can’t and just win!

We Believe.

Our boys meet a foe that Jürgen is familiar with and one that we have met before at the Cup. We all remember 2002. This time we show the world what we can do both on the field and in the stands!

We support because we believe!

With the USMNT on 4 points and a disappointing finish against Portugal, we all know the boys in the red, white and blue are coming out fighting. They believe too.

Let’s show the team what we have in the stands and at home!


If you are at home in the states, Jürgen says take off work.

Use this:

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