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Follow us in Brazil at
Follow us in Brazil at

Almost immediately after we returned from South Africa and the 2010 World Cup we began to plan for Brazil and 2014. We didn’t know where we were going to stay or who we were going to play or how we were going to get there. What we did know is that we wanted more people to join us on this awesome adventure and we wanted to make sure we told the story of our support in Brazil and share it with the rest of the United States if not the world.

As the American Outlaws Brazil travel package came together; 530 AO members, two charter jets, hotels in Natal and trips to Manaus and Recife; the story telling aspect was still missing.

Then we were approached by Degree Men. They were partners with U.S. Soccer and looking to get fans involved before the 2014 World Cup and they wanted to work with AO. We were listening, but we didn’t just want to be a conduit for selling deodorant.

No worries, they said, although you’ll want some down in Brazil (each member on our package to Brazil has a stick of Degree waiting for them). After talking with them it was clear, as their tagline implied, they wanted to “Do More”.

At American Outlaws we do not take the process of choosing our partners lightly. Each and every company we have ever worked with and work with currently needs to satisfy three things: 1) Provide value for members; 2) Help further our mission by attracting people to our events, games, or cause; 3) Help improve and add to the experience of our events or in the stands.

What Degree Men wanted to do was help tell the AO story in Brazil, exactly what we were looking for. Through the hard work of The New BLK we launched; the home of our pictures, words, and video.

Through the partnership, Degree and the American Outlaws are creating a daily video series called “American Outlaws in Brazil,” which will chronicle American Outlaw members as they travel around Brazil’s diverse cities and landscapes to cheer on U.S. Soccer as they take on the world. Shortly after kickoff in Brazil, fans will be able to view the daily video series on, as well as

We can’t thank Degree Men enough for helping make this possible and we can’t wait to share the experience of American soccer support in Brazil.

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