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Christopher Donahoo

AO writer of Pre-Game Hypes and making us look cool!

The American Outlaws would like to thank Jurgen Klinsmann for his efforts to US Soccer over the last 5 years. There have been countless positive on-the-field milestones during Klinsmann’s tenure including:

-Winning 2013 Gold Cup

-Beating Ghana & qualifying for the knockout stage for the 2014 World Cup

-Finishing atop the 2014 CONCACAF Hexagonal Qualifying (doubling Mexico’s points)

-Reaching the semi-final of the 2016 Copa America

-Beating Italy, Germany, and Holland in away friendlies

But what many of us will also recall is Jurgen’s willingness to connect with fans and his bubbling personality to those he met within the US Soccer bubble. Jurgen was always extremely appreciative of you, the AO members who never stop supporting our beloved USMNT.

Who could forget the time Jurgen showed up to the NB4 party in Kansas City before last Hex qualifier in 2013? He gave the best pump-up speech which reminds us why we support this team, and what it means to be a fan


Jurgen’s amazing fist-pump after Clint Dempsey scored the winner in Italy


JK throwing his arms to the sky in celebration of Michael Bradley’s volley against Scotland

It may be the end of the JK era, but Mr. Klinsmann will have an open invitation to the stands in the AO section.

Thanks Jurgen, we will never forget the memories. Best of luck to you in the future.


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