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Dear #AOFamily,

In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen some terrible examples of “supporters” from around the globe. Racist chants, vandalism, violence and more have shown the ugly side of “the Beautiful Game”.

We just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to you for being supporters of our national teams that are passionate, yet positive.

Soccer is a game that is felt so deeply that, often times, people become blinded to the fact that there are more things that unite and strengthen us than divide us.

Not you, American Outlaws.

We, continually say, are a family. We’re a diverse and wonderful family that welcomes all to support the red, white, and blue. Even if you support the other team… come and have a beer and some polite banter with us anyways.

Every event and every game. Whether you’re at the stadium or at a chapter bar. And even online we ask you to “Act Above”. Take a moment to read what that means to us and what it should mean to you.

But there is still work to be done. Each one of us has responsibility as leaders of American soccer supporters’ culture. It is imperative that we continue to act as the most unified, energetic, loyal, and respectful supporters in the world.

Please keep on being you and holding others to the same standard. Please keep supporting our national teams with that passionate positivity that we’ve become known for.

We love ya.



LEARN MORE: “Act Above” - The American Outlaws Code of Conduct

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