The American Outlaws reach $10K goal for Anti-Racist Project

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The American Outlaws (AO), the largest unofficial supporters’ group of the U.S. national soccer teams, have met their goal of raising $10,000 for Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project in its inaugural year.

Anti-Racist Project and AO
Anti-Racist Project and AO

“I’m incredibly proud of our continuing commitment to be an anti-racist organization and to do our part to get racism out of soccer,” said Donald Wine, AO Board Member and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair. “Accomplishing this goal is a mere testament to all of our members answering our call to action and standing as one to say racism has no part in our game or in our lives.”

Since Feb. 26, 2021, AO has donated 1% of its total merchandise sales to the Anti-Racist Project, as well as all proceeds from their “We The Change” series.

“It’s so powerful to have the American Outlaws as part of Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project,” said Lilli Barrett-O’Keefe, Common Goal Executive Director. “Anti-racist work is desparately needed across the soccer landscape, and we still have a ways to go in the stands, on the field, and in the offices of our professional and grassroots clubs. Fans play a crucial role in setting the tone in the stadium, on social media and in holding their teams accountable, and AO is leading the way for Black and Brown youth to have a safe and equitable place in soccer.”

The work has only just begun, Wine said.

“This accomplishment has me energized to continue our steps to further educate soccer fans about how to be inherently anti-racist and to make our soccer fandom reflect the beautiful diversity of our country,” he said.

Raising $10,000 for the Anti-Racist Project was the first of many steps AO is taking to fully support its pledge to be a leader in bringing tangible change to soccer in America. They aim to implement each of the modules of the Anti-Racist Project over the next year, including anti-racist training for staff and leaders of the organization and to continue their commitment to improving soccer’s access and inclusivity to Black and Brown communities through the Anti-Racist Project’s youth-based curriculum.

About the American Outlaws: The American Outlaws dedicates itself to organize passionate and enthusiastic support for our men’s, women’s and youth national soccer teams wherever and whenever they take the field. We commit to a welcoming, inclusive and accessible atmosphere for all at our games and events. We advocate for our members and the larger national team fanbase and hold accountable those who are responsible for the good of the game. We unite and strengthen through our network of local chapters to build community, host watch parties and other events and mobilize for charitable works.

About Common Goal: Common Goal is rooted in the belief that the world’s most popular sport is one of the few cultural forces strong enough to help shift society towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all. Common Goal seeks to build a movement that creates opportunities for every stakeholder in football to participate. Their mobilization centers around key leaders, leagues, and organizations pledging a minimum of 1% of all revenues to drive progress towards their global goals. They also team up with high-impact community organizations to reshape our society into an equal playing field for all.

About Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project: Common Goal’s Anti-Racist Project is a comprehensive and collaborative initiative focused on creating a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable sport for Black and Brown Americans. The project aims to tackle racism through education and mobilization by stakeholders across the football landscape using needs-based anti-racism training curricula. Currently the project features an Executive Level Training Series, a curriculum focused for professional club front office staff and executives, and is in the final stages of developing a youth-based interactive training curriculum for coaches and players.

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