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#AOFamily Supporting our Veterans and their Families to Attend USvMexico

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First we raised over $38,000 for military veterans and their families from chapters and members from all across the #AOFamily and high-profile donations from individuals like Jurgen Klinsmann, Don Garber, Jozy Altidore, and more.

Thank you to AO: Inland Empire member James Bathgate for his efforts in leading this campaign. A truly amazing job in mobilizing the American soccer community to give.

Now it is finally time to distribute tickets for the U.S. match against Mexico on October 10th.

These tickets will be distributed by VetTix.org through a lottery system for almost 450 tickets.

These tickets are located in Section 24 directly behind one of the American Outlaws sections (we are in 24A-27A).

The Process:

Please read the follow steps very carefully so as to not jeopardize your chance at tickets.

1) Head to VetTix.org

2a) Login to your existing account


2b) Sign up for an account (you will have to verify your military credentials through their system) and once verified (using ID.me it takes only a few minutes) you will login in

NOTE: The fastest way to get verified is to use the ID.me option...VetTix.org has partnered with them and they can verify service within a few minutes as long as the veteran can answer a dozen or so questions about their service.

3) Once you go through and receive the confirmation from ID.me you will need to log into the system and complete their account and notification preferences. Once you do that…and agree to the “Terms & Conditions of Use” you can begin to submit requests for tickets.

DEADLINE IS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND at 7pm PST to register, verify, and claim tickets

4) One the deadline has passed lottery entrants will be notified within 24 hours that they have been picked or not.

5) If selected you have 24 hours to confirm your tickets or you will lose them.

6) Winners will pay only the cost of shipping the tickets ($15 via USPS Priority Mail with tracking)

*** Questions about any part of the VetTix.org process? Please see their Contact page. American Outlaws does not control any part of this process and cannot answer your questions. ****

American Outlaws Events for the U.S.-Mexico match

If you are selected for the tickets please join American Outlaws at our Night Before and game day events. We are still finalizing our tailgate, but bookmark this page for all future details.

Lastly, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and good luck!!!


American Outlaws

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