USMNT vs Denmark AO Section Tickets (Arhus, Denmark)

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American Outlaws

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Date: March 25th, 2015 Location: NRGi Park (Arhus, Denmark)

Time: 8:00pm (local time)


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-Deadline to order is Tuesday, March 3rd at 11am ET. We are waiting to hear whether these tickets will be emailed or mailed, so please ensure your email and shipping address are correct.

-Select either Member or Nonmember Tickets, then hit “Add To Cart”. If you need the other type of ticket, hit “Continue Shopping” on the next screen and select the other type. Member tickets ($27) are for members only. Each member ticket purchased must be for an individual member.

-You can edit the quantity of tickets you’d like on the next page. Hit “Update Cart” after editing.

-Shipping and handling is $7 per order (not per ticket).


These are for the supporters section, which is all singing, all standing, all passion.


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PLEASE check and make sure your paypal shipping address and email address are correct before ordering.

These are for tickets to the USA vs Denmark in Arhus. These tickets are in the supporter section.

The supporters section is all standing, all singing, and all passion!

Please follow our Code of Conduct:

Member priced tickets ($27) must each be for a different member (ie, a member can’t buy cheaper tickets for his nonmember friends). This is done in fairness to our paying members who pay every year to get the discounts. People ordering member priced tickets may receive a member verification email after their order, so please watch for that. All orders will have a $7 shipping/handling charge (per order, not per ticket). These are cheaper than you will get at Ticketmaster (which supporter section tickets will likely not be available through anyway).

All sales are final.

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