A statement regarding the Dec. 9 U.S.-El Salvador game

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The racist, xenophobic displays and hateful words against black people seen and heard in the stadium and on last night’s USMNT broadcast were a disgrace and completely unacceptable. The American Outlaws condemn any form of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and any other act of discrimination. Our code of conduct strictly prohibits exercises of this behavior at any match or event, and we vehemently denounce them. Those who choose to act in that way are not welcome in our organization.


We say that loud and proud, but we also know we have a responsibility to back that up. We strive for an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all who identify as part of a marginalized group, and we will fight every day to better American soccer and use our platform to bring the end to racial inequality we all seek. We will amplify the voices of black men and women and we will be firm in our stance.

In our statement on November 29th, we mentioned that it was unsafe for our organization to gather or host organized events surrounding the USMNT match last night, but our code of conduct remains in effect for every match despite that decision. Members are expected to act in accordance with that code of conduct, and some made an individual decision to be in the U.S. supporters section last night. However, if one member goes against our code with xenophobic, racist, or any other targeted forms of discrimination, it reflects poorly on all of us. We apologize for the pain brought to so many with those displays and those words, even if those who did it were not affiliated with our organization.

We encourage anyone who saw any acts that go against our code of conduct to report it to the AO Watch page. Any members found to be involved will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Everyone should know the American Outlaws stands for bringing an end to racial injustice and inequality in this country, and we have work to do to make sure that message is loud and clear. Black lives matter. We will continue to show it and stand up and speak out against any acts that go against it.

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
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