World Cup Group Game #1

The Time Is Finally Here!

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American Outlaws

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What: USMNT vs. Ghana
Where: Estadio das Dunas; Natal, Brazil
TV: 6:00 p.m. ET on ESPN, WatchESPN, Univision

Watch at your local AO bar!

The time is finally here! The games we have been working towards and waiting for, as fans, for over three years. No more qualifiers. No more friendlies. This is the real deal.

We gather in Brazil not just for a sun (what sun?!?!) and fun, but to support our team and help push them to victory.

Over 500 American Outlaws have traveled to Brazil to cheer from the stands and many many more will join us in Brazil. Back home, a nation stands behind this team. At AO, chapters across the country, thousands of you will support from afar.

All because we believe!

First up… a team that needs no introduction (but they’ll get one anyways). They’ve knocked us out of the last two World Cups. It’s the game that Jurgen says we need to win to advance. USA vs. Ghana!

We haven’t been shy about what the result of this game is going to be: #WeGhanaWin

In Brazil or at home we stand united as one nation and one team.

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