American Outlaws + Avis

Our Official Rental Car Partner

We want to help make it easier for every U.S. fan to get to games anywhere in the country. One more way we can do this is help get you cheaper rental cars in the cities of the games.
AO has an exclusive Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) Number, only for members. See the American Outlaws MEMBERS ONLY PAGE.
With this number you will get:
The lowest rate available at the time of booking (Discounts vary by city, when booked, and dates)
Use the discount anytime
Guaranteed car when you arrive
Eligible for Free Rentals and Vouchers for future use at games directly from the American Outlaws. The more you use, the more you get.
Then sign up for Avis Preferred Service and link it to AO’s AWD# and start dominating even more with Avis. It’s Free.
Use the link on the members only page to sign up and link to AO’s AWD#!

Avis Preferred membership was designed for those that travel to games all over, and it´s free! Just enroll today and you can start enjoying extra fast reservations and rentals and all the extra amenities:
Give your rental preferences just once and they´ll keep them on file.
When you arrive at Avis, skip the lines and the paperwork and go straight to your car at over 3,000 locations worldwide.
With Avis Preferred Select & Go, select the vehicle that´s right for you and your trip on the lot at participating airport locations in the United States and Canada.
A courtesy bus will drop you off by one of our newest cars, or you´ll find it in a convenient parking space.
Faster Reservations - Your reservation numbers and rental preferences are kept on file, and booking a car is always quick and easy.
No Paperwork- We take care of the paperwork in advance, so your car and rental document will be waiting for you.
Special Amenities - Our lowest-mileage cars and best parking spots are reserved for Avis Preferred Service members.
Dedicated Avis employees can assist with luggage.
Avis Roving Rapid Return® can process your return in under a minute at major airport locations.
With over 50 travel partners worldwide, it’s easy to earn frequent traveler miles or points on paid rentals.
U.S.-resident Preferred Service members who complete 12 or more paid rentals or 35 or more paid days in a calendar year on a single Wizard number automatically are upgraded toAvis First™. This invitation-only program offers exclusive benefits that no other car rental company offers – like free upgrades, weekends and more!