Free Beer Movement

Free Beer Movement

Free Beer Movement of The American Outlaws:

The Free Beer Movement is an organization committed to growing soccer in the United States. We believe that the American Outlaws, its mission to “strengthen and unite” American soccer, the community it has created, and its commitment to using beer, fits perfectly with the stated goal and philosophy of our Movement.

Our goal is to create a larger, more diverse, and active base of supporters of soccer in America for the U.S. National Team, the domestic leagues we have (Major League Soccer, United Soccer Leagues/North American Soccer League, Women’s Professional Soccer, etc), and the sport abroad.

Our messengers are the groups of committed soccer fans in this country that want to do more than just be fans of the game. We are looking for groups and individuals who are not just satisfied being fans of the game, but actively take part in its growth for the current generation and future generations. By joining the Free Beer Movement you commit yourself to going beyond your fandom and becoming an ambassador of the sport; we call them “Free Beer Movers” and you’ll help build American soccer by actively recruiting “soccer newbies” to the sport through the generous offer of free beer for them. You preach the virtues of our game using free beer to help convert the non-believers.

Our medium is free beer. It is the philosophy of the Free Beer Movement that nothing is more powerful in getting people into something new than the power of free beer. On our groups crest are the words “Imbibo Patefacio Ianua” which is Latin for “Drinks Open Doors”. We are firm believers in the idea that through drink we can create opportunities for soccer fans to help spread the sport to others. Use beer at the lure and let the atmosphere of a live game, a packed bar, or full living room speak as a testament to the great community that American soccer is and why it’s worthy of joining.

Americans, are, by definition, skeptics of soccer. There are even many soccer fans in the U.S. that are fans of the game, but not of our domestic products. Our job is to make as many opportunities as possible available for them to see that the American version of the game is worth their time, their passion, and most importantly (to the continued growth of the domestic game), their money.

The American Outlaws have exemplified what the Free Beer Movement stands for. Before we existed the atmosphere they’ve created and recruitment of new members to their organization and the sport centered on the not yet stated goal and philosophy of our Movement. It is exciting to be able to partner with the Outlaws as together we “strengthen and unite” American soccer even further.

Chapters and members of the Outlaws have already proven to be the loudest, most passionate supporters of the American game. Now we’re asking you all to take that drive a step further.

Join the American Outlaws in supporting the Free Beer Movement. Bring “soccer newbies” to live games (USMNT or otherwise), AO watch parties, local bars, into your living rooms and buy them a beer. Afterwards, send us your stories and/pictures of free beer in action to We’ll be giving away all sorts of goodies for those who do. Prove that our philosophy is the right one; that through the power of free beer we can grow the fan base of American soccer.

The Free Beer Movement, “Building American Soccer, One Beer at a Time”.