Starting a Chapter

Making your chapter official.


In order to accomplish our mission to "unite and strengthen" the entire U.S. soccer fan base we need support and organization at the local level.

As any fan knows soccer culture, logistics, and needs can differ from city to city. A game at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles poses very different challenges than those do at game at MetLife Stadium near New York City or a watch party in Boise, Idaho.

A local chapter in American Outlaws is a way to unite with other U.S. fans from your area and to support American soccer the way you want; specific to your situation and your city.

American Outlaws

Chapter Criteria

  • A minimum of 35 paid American Outlaws members.
  • Have a "home base" bar, where fans can expect to meet to watch each game.
  • Host a viewing party at said bar for EVERY GAME.
  • Complete the AO Chapter "Registration" and upon becoming official be expected to incorporate as a non-profit, Adopt AO By-laws, and open a separate chapter bank account. You will be expected to comply with all state, local and federal laws including filing and paying applicable taxes.

  • There may be a waiting period, before actual admission of chapter.

  • If there is a chapter already near where you want to start a chapter, please contact us first. We have regulations on how close a chapter can be to another.

Chapter Benefits

  • Chapter awarded free banner from national organization.
  • Can have specific Chapter Logo and Merchandise (But must be approved by AO national).
  • Chapter can participate in national promotions and get free promotional swag or other applicable promotional items from AO national.
  • Chapter bars and events receive national recognition to all U.S. fans and AO members nationwide.
  • Chapter bars can receive promotional items to help bring in new fans.
  • Chapters also receive $5/member in chapter dues from local memberships from AO National to help fund local initiatives

Still building your fan group? Here are some tips to help you become an official AO chapter.

Find the right bar

Find a local bar that is willing to host US fans and show US Soccer games, with sound, every time there is a game. Don't just look for the most convenient bar, although location is important. Find a bar that is willing to partner with you, and hopefully build it into a Soccer Bar together. The right bar owner/manager has proven to be more important than the right location in most cases. Make sure the bar is welcoming for all U.S. fans.

Uniting fans

Use social networks to communicate with local leagues, clubs, professional teams and soccer groups in your area (make sure to include that you are "unofficial"). Talk to local newspapers and blogs. Request flyers from us, so that you can promote. Ask the bar to help advertise your events! Once you get some people attending, then ask each person to invite one of their friends to experience the passion of watching a U.S. Game with fellow U.S. fans, which is much better than watching at home. You experience it once, you will be hooked!

Free beer

FREE BEER! No, We're not giving you free beer, but inviting you to gather some of your friends that aren't soccer fans to watch a game by buying them a beer. It is a great way to introduce them to soccer and make them new fans. Check out The Free Beer Movement.

Sign up members

Once you get people to attend your bar and events, you still need 35 members to qualify.  There are a ton of benefits of being a member, so this is typically not a difficult step (see here –
The best way to sign people up is to have a computer or tablet available at the bar with the webpage ready.
If you don’t have a computer, provide them with a flyer before they leave so they can register online later that night.  (You can request membership flyers by emailing us at

Ready to start an official chapter?

We need your help to Unite & Strengthen across the U.S.

Start a Chapter